'M' Technique

Gentle & Structured touch

Let go...

The ‘M’ Technique is a method of gentle, structured touch allowing you to deeply relax and to quickly allow the mind to unwind and let go of any inner turmoil. The results are very different from massage; it is more akin to a meditative type state.

Deep relaxation...

Each movement is repeated a set number of times with the same very light pressure. It gives a feeling of profound relaxation and is so gentle it has been described as magic, mesmerising and physical hypnotherapy. 

The rationale for the set pattern of gentle touch carried out is to build up confidence and remove anxiety. By carrying out each movement three times you will be lulled into a deep state of relaxation in a very short time

No pressure...

The ‘M’ technique set pattern of movements are all carried out at the same very light pressure. If you were to measure that pressure on a scale of 1 to 10, when 1 is no pressure and 10 is an intense pressure, the ‘M’ technique will always be at a pressure of 3. 

The ‘M’Tecnique is very different to massage and is akin to meditation and therefore more relaxing. Treatments can be given through thin clothing if preferred. 


Suitable for all...

The ‘M’ is suitable for young and old and those with life limiting/altering conditions who may have been told massage and some complementary treatments are not suitable for them. It can provide a profound feeling of relaxation that can help with stress, tension, anxiety, pain, insomnia or an inability to switch off.

What to expect


Prior to your ‘M’ treatment we will have a consultation in order for us to meet and for me to ascertain your needs, get to know a bit more about you and identify any health related issues.

Your treatment will be conducted in your home and I will use drapes and towels to ensure you are warm and comfortable throughout, only undraping those areas I am working on. I also work over the drapes. I will leave the room for you to get undressed (please keep your underwear on) and will knock before I re-enter the room.

You may choose to wear thin clothing if you prefer for the duration of the treatment.


I encourage feedback throughout, this is a partnership, so there is always opportunity for this or if you prefer to enjoy the peace and quiet there is opportunity for this too.


I will let you know when the treatment is complete. I will leave the room for you to get dressed and we will have an opportunity to discuss some self care strategies and tools as appropriate afterwards.


‘M’ technique session – 75 minute appointment includes personalised consultation, 60 minutes of hands on therapy and recommendations for self-care strategies and tools. Treatment is a full body ‘M’ technique treatment. £40

Opening hours

Appointments available 6pm – 9pm Monday to Friday, and 9am – 9pm at the weekends. 

Please contact Miranda to book your appointment:

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