Pregnancy Massage

A supportive and nurturing experience 

Support and nurture...

Our pregnancy massage is a supportive and nurturing experience which can help you to relax into the natural process and enjoy each stage of the wonderful miracle of pregnancy. Miranda May will ensure you feel totally comfortable by ensuring you are safely positioned throughout the treatment, and will provide plenty of plump pillows and cushions to ensure you are well supported.


Relax and reduce stress...

Pregnancy can cause stress on the body due to the changes mentally, physically and emotionally.  It’s a time of dynamic physical change as well as contradictory feelings about the pregnancy, and it is how the woman handles stress that can have a profound effect on her health and the health of the baby. Common pregnancy symptoms, such as, morning sickness, fatigue and backaches can also add to maternal stress levels. Pregnancy massage can help to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Benefits of pregnancy massage...

A reduction in stress, tension & anxiety

Easing of muscular tension

Helps restore postural balance

Normalising the range of motion of the joints

Reduces swelling

Eases varicose veins

Normalises blood pressure

Encourages deeper breathing and enhances internal respiration

Minimises nausea

Lifts the mood

Skin nourishing...

You skin will be nourished with unscented organic jojoba oil, which is known for its ability to help with the regeneration of skin cells and can help to diminish stretch marks.

What to expect


Prior to your massage we will have a consultation in order for us to meet and for me to ascertain your needs, get to know a bit more about you and identify any health related issues.

Your massage therapy will be conducted in your home and I will use drapes and towels to ensure you are warm and cushions to ensure you are comfortable throughout, only undraping those areas I am working on. I also work over the drapes. I will leave the room for you to get undressed (please keep your underwear on) and will knock before I re-enter.


I encourage feedback throughout, this is a partnership, so there is always opportunity for this or if you prefer to enjoy the peace and quiet there is opportunity for this too.


I will let you know when the massage is complete. I will leave the room for you to get dressed and we will have an opportunity to discuss some self care strategies and tools as appropriate afterwards.


Pre-natal session – 75 minute appointment includes personalised consultation, 60 minutes of hands on therapy and recommendations for self-care strategies and tools. Treatment is a full body pregnancy massage. £40

Opening hours

Appointments available 6pm – 9pm Monday to Friday, and 9am – 9pm at the weekends. 

Please contact Miranda to book your appointment:

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